AI generated ‘archi-creatures’ breathe life into static architecture

Mohamad Rasoul Moosapour’s ‘semi-alive’ architecture


Mohamad Rasoul Moosapour harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) tool Midjourney to imagine an alternative future occupied by ‘semi-alive’ architectural structures engulfed by living organisms with his new series, Archi-creatures. The Iranian architect delves beyond the realm of physical architectural design to present a series of AI generated images of photos, drawings and models of buildings and infrastructure with his new imaginative-research collection. Envisioning a ‘new future’ in which buildings are shaped by a deep biological understanding of the world, rather than a physical one, the static structures are brought to life and transformed from silent, unbreathing objects to ‘semi-alive’ ones. 

coexistence and alternative future 2
all images by Mohamad Rasoul Moosapour



ai generated archi-creatures from the future


The future has always typically been predicted as a utopian world configured with smart tech, robots and flying mechanical objects, based on a physical understanding of the world. Now too, architecture and human living spaces are predominantly a combination of giant metal structures and programmed mechanical elements. Instead, architect Mohamad Rasoul Moosapour considers an understanding of the world based on its biology, to envision an alternative future of architecture and infrastructure based on a physiological perspective. His new series explores how meanings and concepts of architecture can be be reimagined through new collaborations, processes and tools. Aiding his conceptual research imaginations Moosapour utilizes AI program Midjourney, feeding text-based prompts and descriptions to render a series of intricate artworks depicting drawings, photos and models of the Archi-creatures. This biological perspective transforms static, silent architecture and infrastructure as we know it, into alive, or ‘semi-alive’, breathing creatures that become entirely embodied by the living organisms they housed within. The living organisms that once occupied these structures now envelope and engulf them. Human living will also be drastically altered from living in the silent objects to co-existing with them.

coexistence and alternative future 7
Archi-creature model

coexistence and alternative future 4
Archi-creature details drawing sheet

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