Author: Terrance Hughes

Are celebrity products green for Earth or their wallets?

There’s no doubt Hollywood stars carry clout when it comes to politics, social campaigns, fashion and the like. Alongside the perhaps questionable influences, celebrities also work as a driving force for protecting the environment.  More and more celebrities are making headlines for creating their own product lines that are labeled as environmentally friendly or sustainable. […]

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world’s whitest paint is now thinner than ever, ideal for radiating heat away from vehicles

Purdue University makes world’s whitest paint thinner than ever   In 2021, a team of engineers from Purdue University in Indiana, the US, developed the world’s whitest paint that could curb climate change by cooling cool down buildings and therefore reducing the need for air conditioning. Now, the researchers have made some changes to the formula, […]

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AXOR curates three designer bathroom concepts imagining individual luxury

the luxury of individualization   As the creators of iconic objects for bathrooms and kitchens, AXOR is attentive to the evolving desires for the future of luxury. The Compact Luxury megatrend explored the demand for higher quality as people’s living spaces shrunk. Continuing this theme, the designer brand’s Distinctive campaign focuses on the key to […]

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