Backdrop’s New Wallcoverings Are Made for the Modern Maximalist

Backdrop is known for its curated collection of modern paints, as well as its simplification of the way we choose color for our home, but the DTC brand is quickly becoming synonymous with contemporary wallcoverings. After being acquired by F. Schumacher & Co. in 2021, Backdrop launched its first ever wallcovering collection earlier this year and has followed up with its second drop inspired by references from nature to folk art to maximalist designs.

modern wallcoverings

checkered wallcovering

Design Milk went for a studio visit at the Backdrop headquarters in Los Angeles and learned that each wallcovering design is adapted from an original piece of artwork made in house from painterly canvas works to rich embroideries. While the final product is a scan of the original, each design is innately handmade from a creative exploration of color, motifs, and techniques.

checkered wallcovering

checkered wallcovering

The Backdrop 2 collection includes Gambit, a design that emulates the feeling of a hand-tiled wall; Night at the Opera, a motif made for the maximalist; Reptilia, a modern take on traditional embroidery crafts with flora and fauna designs; Superbloom, inspired by California’s blooming wildflower phenomenon; and Taboo, a blocky free-handed stripe. Backdrop also makes it easy to match the wallcoverings with its edited palette of 50+ shades with custom paint pairings.

blue and green wallcovering with women in front of it

dining room with wallcovering

embroidery on wallcovering

living room with wallcovering

floral wallcovering

living room with wallcovering

blocky wallcovering

blocky wallcovering in living room

restaurant with wallcovering

kitchen island with wallcovering

bathroom with wallcovering

dining room with wallcovering

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