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‘Furla Progetto Italia’ by GEZA: a pairing with nature 


In the Florentian town of Tavernelle Val di Pesa, Italian luxury brand Furla’s new headquarters emerges as a striking black and white complex with strong industrial features. Completed by architecture studio GEZA and spanning 18,200 sqm, ‘Furla Progetto Italia’ carefully embeds itself into the Tuscan landscape, ‘resulting in an environment celebrating individuals’ well-being in the workspace,’ writes the brand. Its three-part design, composed of different shapes set at various altitudes, is an unmissable sight from the nearby highway.


Explaining the decision behind the final layout, GEZA co-founder Stefano Gri says: ‘the landscape […] sets out, delineates and lays down the rules for the design and construction of the architectural volumes.’ 


As for the black and white scheme, given the headquarters’ richly green context, GEZA couldn’t imagine coating the architecture in any other colors. For one thing, the rhythmic layout of white sun-shading louvers across the first volume creates a sense of lightness and immateriality amid the very tangible flora. Meanwhile, the black surfaces turn different shades once the sun shines, uplifting the overall design with elegant chromatic contrasts. 

amid the tuscan landscape, furla's new base emerges as a striking black & white complex

all images © Fernando Guerra – FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura



rhythmic patterns, generous glazing, and scenic views 


The ‘Furla Progetto Italia’ by GEZA (see more here) comprises three main blocks: one for offices, and two for laboratories and logistics, all designed to integrate into the landscape in the least invasive way. The main entrance, where the brand logo stands tall and proud, recalls the Tuscan villa archetype with its ordered row of cypresses that welcomes visitors and defines the access path. This rhythm repeats onto the facade of the buildings, with black and white lamellas filtering natural light into the workspaces. Complementing the fully opaque material is a generous distribution of glazing across all three blocks. 


Thanks to a system of patios and green roofs installed atop the entrance block, visitors and employees get to enjoy stunning views of the sceneries ahead while nature gently finds its way into the architecture.‘Building a large volume like this one that is so lightweight as to fit effortlessly with the sky because the building is really made out of sun-shading louvers and glass is to, in fact, create a filter,’ comments GEZA’s second co-founder Piero Zucchi.

amid the tuscan landscape, furla's new base emerges as a striking black & white complex

‘Furla Progetto Italia’ reveals a pure, black and white color scheme 



‘Anyone, even the construction guys or the person who works from the most stunning office, literally any staff member can be enlighted by the view of the Chianti landscape that faces the building. Here you see the seasons colors, from any office, from any area of the building,’ he continues. 

amid the tuscan landscape, furla's new base emerges as a striking black & white complex

bold architectural movements set against the rural Tuscan landscape 


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