solar-powered ‘hymer venture S’ is a luxurious motorhome with mercedes-benz chassis

Hymer Venture S reflects residential homes in the city


German caravan manufacturer Hymer started off its Hymer Venture S as a car concept, and Designboom reported that the car design would be based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. That part materialized as the company has recently launched the camping van on the market after years of development, infused with a design that takes cues from a luxurious residential interior found in city downtowns. The two-people off-roader van has a narrow vehicle body to easily maneuver the streets and boasts all-wheel drive and studded tires. Aside from its solar panels on the roof, Hymer Venture S features what the company calls Instant Loft where the pop-top roof and included integrated stairway open up for a spacious sleeping area while the Infinity Screen offers 180-degree panoramic views as the company wraps the van with glasses.

off-roader ‘hymer venture S’ is a solar-powered motorhome powered by mercedes-benz chassis
images courtesy of Hymer



Hybrid working is possible in Hymer Venture S


Hymer Venture S doubles as an office space, an element the company considered during its development as hybrid working snaked its way up to the standards of modern working. To cater to this need, the camper van has an integrated desk into the side wall behind the passenger’s seat which can be set up as an individual workstation under the skylight of the vehicle. With the roof anchoring three 115-watt solar panels and the van’s inside bearing six 230 V sockets and eight USB ports, electronics are all powered in combination with the Hymer Smart Battery System 2.0 and 320 Ah lithium batteries.

off-roader ‘hymer venture S’ is a solar-powered motorhome powered by mercedes-benz chassis
office space



expansive living space with a kitchenette


Daily living comes forward as a focal point of Hymer Venture S. Comfortable seating means hotel lounge-like benches paired up with the adjustable table in solid bamboo that can be easily folded up and stored underneath the bench seat. To expand the living space, a private yacht-style sun deck can be flapped open for an uninterrupted view of the countryside or a front-row seat by the lake. Beside this area, a kitchenette with matte-black fittings brushes against a multifunctional wall, letting campers customize the available storage space in hooks, shelves, and containers. A drawer with storage for a chopping board extends the kitchen work surface, and a storage box system can hold provisions and utensils campers need while on the road. The company says that the worktop in the kitchen is resistant to fingerprints and scratches.

off-roader ‘hymer venture S’ is a solar-powered motorhome powered by mercedes-benz chassis
the table folds and is positioned under the skylight



Reimagining motorhoming based on van living


The two-level Hymer Venture S shows a result of the blueprint the company originally thought of. Christian Bauer, President of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG says that with the Hymer Venture S, the group has reimagined motorhoming from the ground up while drawing inspiration from the needs and ideas of the van-life community. ‘The result is a completely new category of motorhome which we are now launching on the market – driven by the outstanding feedback on our concept vehicle and supported by the expertise of our company – after only a short development phase,’ he says. The company states that Hymer Venture S is available to order and can be configured by the campers.

off-roader ‘hymer venture S’ is a solar-powered motorhome powered by mercedes-benz chassis
panoramic views feature

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