studio 5•5’s eco-friendly showroom sets furniture on recycled tires

studio 5•5 revamps dacia’s car showroom interior


French design collective Studio 5•5 has redesigned a new eco-friendly car dealership identity for the Dacia network with a key focus on functionality, flexibility and eco-responsibility. With a conscious and minimal approach, the design team makes use of durable, recycled materials throughout the space, minimizing the use of excess materials and waste. 100% recycled tires have been used for the foundation bricks of the furniture elements, which are flexible to be moved around the space as it evolves over time, while paint has been biosourced and ceramic tiles have been recovered. Further, enhancing the Dacia brand and its customer experience the purchasing journey has been improved with clear, identifiable zones and eye-catching signage.

studio 5•5’s eco-friendly car showroom sets flexible furniture on recycled tire bricks
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a flexible, eco-friendly dealership


Studio 5•5’s new eco-friendly Dacia dealership makes use of recycled, sustainable and durable materials. Panel plinths and the foundations on which all of the furniture elements rest, are made from 100% recycled tires and seat fabrics are made from plastic bottles. The visual media boards are made of light, honeycomb cardboard, with durable strat paper coatings and minimal ink. The wall paint is biosourced, while the ceramic floor covering has been recovered. The hardware items have been reduced to the essentials, or even eliminated where possible. The durable and sustainable composition and nature of the materials ensures that the function is efficiently maintained, without the need of any excess materials.


In anticipation of the Dacia dealership spaces evolving over time, the French design studio adopts a flexible and reversible approach. Minimizing use of energy and material required for changes over time, Studio 5•5 focuses on modularity. Keeping only the essential elements, the designers install movable furniture with no fixed points, allowing the interior layout to be changed freely as needed.

studio 5•5’s eco-friendly car showroom sets flexible furniture on recycled tire bricks
Studio 5•5’s redesigned focuses on functionality, flexibility and eco-responsibility



an enhanced ‘phygital’ customer journey


Enhancing the customer experience, Dacia’s AR application can be used by sales representatives to share a screen with customers and view vehicle models that are not available in the showroom. Through augmented reality, the customers can explore the vehicle (1:1 scale), take a closer look at the finer details, and even virtually enter the car. The global network of the brand will have this new concept in the next two to three years.


In rethinking the customer relationship, Studio 5•5 has entirely revamped and enhanced the purchasing journey, both online and in the showroom. Throughout the interior, messaging is clear at every step of the way, each zone is readily identified, and clear signage helps customers know exactly where to go, from the moment they enter the dealership through to the final stages of after-sales care.

studio 5•5’s eco-friendly car showroom sets flexible furniture on recycled tire bricks
Studio 5•5 assigns readily identified zones, and clear signage assists customers around the space

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