superimposed geometric forms compose MMC designs’ boutique store

mmc designs’ geometric boutique store in hangzhou


MMC Designs has recently completed Yinno Unico, a multi-dimensional haute couture store located in Hangzhou, China. Centred around femininity, spirituality and an appreciation for the mystical past, the space is shaped by superimposed geometric structures derived from the forms of the Parthenon and great pyramids, creating an immersive emotional experience conveying the eternity of time and forms. The designers sought to create a sensual space filled with the divinity and vitality of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom who represents the awakening of feminine power and the break of traditional shackles. The project aims to convey females’ spirit of self-growth in various dimensions including wisdom, knowledge, courage, confidence and artistic cultivation, in Yinno Unico’s immersive space. 

superimposed geometric forms compose MMC designs' boutique store in hangzhou
amidst the wine ceramic-like spatial textures sits a red arc-shaped steel island

all photography by HAMO VISION | Ye Song



a harmonious fusion of sensuous curves and angular lines


The space’s rhythmic composition echoes Johannes Kepler’s argument, that God designed the solar system through Platonic solids. MMC Designs draws on the primitive strength and geometric forms of the historic Parthenon and great pyramids for the design and aesthetics of the boutique store, expressing a respect for philosophy, nature and embodying mankind’s spirit for continuous exploration. ‘The primitive geometric forms of those ancient treasures’, explain the designers, ‘carry the beliefs derived from nature, and illuminate architecture, history and spirit like light’
By playing the game of ‘building blocks’ from the perspective of children, the triangular and rectangular forms are superimposed throughout the space in a harmonious composition to portray a sense of order. The designers create an intricately layered space in a romantic expression of eternity via divine geometry.

superimposed geometric forms compose MMC designs' boutique store in hangzhou
primitive rock sculpture



 a Rhythm of geometry encompasses the store


The entire interior white, micro-cemented interior with stark red accents, is a harmonious balance of geometric shapes and sensual lines. The store’s entrance features curving walls that separate yet connect various functional areas in the store, portraying sacred geometry and order to show the form of endless cycles. 


‘Architecture is frozen music, while the stairs are the most aesthetic variation of this piece of music’, states MCM Designs. The staircase in Yinno Unico, entirely made of cemher micro cement, is a bridge connecting the first and second floor, offering visitor’s a journey of self-exploration as they ascend and descend. With rigorous proportions and simple geometric shapes, the stairs are enlarged step by step from the side and aerial views, thus guiding visual focus harmoniously and rhythmically. The continuous, variable rhythm penetrates the mirror, producing charming ‘melodies’ in the space.

superimposed geometric forms compose MMC designs' boutique store in hangzhou
the multidimensional space is composed of various geometric forms in a harmonious composition



Vitality of light


The designers’ use of light unveils nature in this geometric, non-natural space, and produces a sensual, artistic ambience. In the store entrance, like a piece of gauze, soft light falls gently from the sunken ceiling along round structural edges, filling the space with a tranquil atmosphere and creating a type of ‘veil’ for divinity and mystery. Throughout the space, the flutes of ancient Greek Doric columns are incorporated into structures, furniture, and space in the form of gaps. Light penetrates those gaps, and touches the micro cement interior finishes that simulate the textures of Pentelic marbles used in the construction of the Parthenon.


The natural lighting highlights the fabrics of clothes, ceramic-like spatial textures and the red arc-shaped steel island. Hues, textures and materials contrast yet integrate each other. In the form of light, an infinite axis stretches through the space, creating a dialogue among past, present and future, whilst endowing the space with vitality.

superimposed geometric forms compose MMC designs' boutique store in hangzhou
circular lines inscribed on the floor are inspired by artist Joma Sipe to show the form of endless cycles

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