The Marlon Seating Collection Balances Geometry With Soft Curves

What is it about the Marlon seating collection that makes your eyes linger just a few minutes longer as you try to understand the unique design? Created in partnership between designer Pietro Franceschini and Dooq, the series of upholstered furniture, which consists of two daybeds, chair, armchair, and pouf, explores what happens when pure geometry mixes with soft, oversized curves. Each piece is upholstered in mohair velvet in a curated palette of tonal hues. The overall collection is bold and elegant while still playful and inviting, drawing you closer to rest on a luscious and cozy seat made for modern spaces.

oversized armchair

oversized red armchair

oversized red armchair

oversized burgundy chair

oversized burgundy daybed

oversized blue daybed

oversized green pouf

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