these vibrant inflatable concept shoes repurpose daily objects with spring and air

inflatable concept shoes with sponges, tapes, and paddings


The future of fashion design and technology seems to be looking more futuristic every day, and the entrance of UV-Zhu’s inflatable shoe designs testifies to that. Before, Designboom underlined his collection inspired by mutated creatures. Recently, he deconstructed and published his NIKE concept shoes and series where he layered his creations with daily objects, coupled with his inflatable structures in the art of shoemaking. His ankle straps are made from white garters and silicone and paper-based tapes. He injects springs into the outsoles to catapult the user as they walk without exerting any effort to lift their feet.


Sponges and soft paddings are sandwiched in the middle of the shoes, adding some comfortable support for the feet. In one of the shoe ideas, UV-Zhu replaces the sponge with an inflatable filled with candies and the outsole with cotton buds-looking bristles. The designer destroys, reassembles, and recycles already-made shoes, a dive into his creativity and a personal analysis of how shoe designs can develop.

inflatable shoes from concept designer UV-Zhu
images courtesy of UV-Zhu



Concept shoes made for artistic value only


Another series UV-Zhu introduced is the AIR anthology where the designer discloses that he made the shoes by inflating them. He also shares that there is no functional or practical value involved in these designs and that they act as an exploration of forms and abstracts meant to be artistic and ornamental.


In this series, inflatable-inspired shoes take over the limelight with their soles that resemble floatation devices. Some of the high tops are doused in bubblegum and saturated colors while the others have jelly, ombre soles. One of the shoes even has just a transparent design for those who want to show their new pedicure designs.

inflatable shoes from concept designer UV-Zhu
from NIKE-deconstruction series



Refashioning fashion with inflatable concept shoes


When Designboom highlighted concept designer UV-Zhu’s inflatable shoes, they seem to mark the signature of his conceptual shoes. At times that he inflates the shoe floaters, he fills them up with candies for those who have sweet tooth, and they anchor this playful and zesty energy as these shoes refashion the current fashion climate by turning accessories into works of art that serve their purpose to just please the eyes. As the designer shares, ‘I do not think shoes have to be practical. They can also stand alone as pieces of art.’ With the way technology and research advance these days, materializing these inflatable concept shoes might be a possibility.

inflatable shoes from concept designer UV-Zhu
these inflatable shoes from concept designer UV-Zhu repurpose daily objects

inflatable shoes from concept designer UV-Zhu
NIKE shoe concept with tapes and paddings

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